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Hello my dear bloggers, I am back in action again. First of all, I would like to wish Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese friends and not to forget to Miss Ng too. And according to the Chinese zodiac, this year is considered as rabbit’s year. So, for those who are born in 1987, this year is ours. :p Let’s rock. Well, I think I am crapping talking so much about something which is not related to the post. 🙂 Let me come back to the reality. 🙂

In this week’s post, I will explaining thoroughly on the functions of an ICT tool. First of all, I would like to thank Miss Ng for introducing us to the different types of ICT tools, which I think I have not even heard about the names. After trying out all the 11 ICT tools given, I realized that I have learnt a lot. It tool almost one day to finish *experimenting* all the ICT tools. After all that, the ICT tool that has managed to gain my attention is “KERPOOF STUDIO”. There are many reasons on why I decided to choose this ICT tool. Let me give you all a brief idea about Kerpoof Studio.

1. What is Kerpoof Studio?

Kerpoof Studio is operated and managed by the Walt Disney Company. This ICT tool is all about being creative, having fun and at the same time learning something out of it. (educational tools)

2. Functions of Kerpoof!!!

Firstly, I will describe on the functions of this ICT tool. I realized that this ICT tool has many interesting functions. Kerpoof allows  us to create movies, make cards, make a picture, spell a picture, make a drawing and tell a story. Not only that, there are also interesting lesson plans for the teachers. As for me, I actually tried using most of the functions and I am glad to say that all the functions are very useful for us as future teachers. And you know what, they have LESSON PLANS!!! I actually downloaded a few lesson plans and I realized that they have very creative activities which I think I did not even thought about it when I was teaching my students. Well, other than lesson plans Kerpoof have many other interesting activities for the teachers. They have teacher accounts, classroom ideas, educational standards and also newsletters. I was really attracted to this particular activity named “teachers accounts”. This activity actually gives a chance to all the teachers to arrange the students based on classes and here the students are able to chat with one another and also post their creations on the class message board. The teacher has the chance to monitor on what the students are doing. I find this pretty interesting and captivating. We can create stories using the templates given, create movies and we can also use this ICT tool to have a spelling check with the pupils which I think will be very effective and the students will be very excited.

3. Limitations in Kerpoof

After going through this ICT tool for several times, I realized that there isn’t any serious problem that I could find. There is only one small problem whereby the pupils need internet connection to deal with Kerpoof Studio. Other than that, I think Kerpoof Studio does not have any limitations.

4. When can this tool be used?

This tool can be used by a teacher in many ways. Firstly, a teacher can use this tool to create interesting movies which is suitable for the lesson for the day. Other than that, the teacher also can use this tool to create stories. For an example, if the teacher wants to create a fairy tale story, then he or she can choose that particular template and create their own story. Moreover, as I have mentioned above, the teacher can use this tool to create a “teacher accounts” and keep in touch with the pupils. The pupils also can keep in touch with each other after school hours and even during holidays and the teacher can actually keep track on what the students are doing. The teacher can ask the pupils to create cards and upload it at the display board in their own account. That will be really interesting!!The teacher also can ask pupils to write an essay in a story form using the functions given in the “tell a story” page. Besides that, a teacher can also use the pictures given based on the settings to teach pupils on grammar. I tried with one of the picture by creating dialogues to teach pupils on present continuous.

As a whole, a teacher can use this tool to do MANY things to make our lessons to be interesting and effective to the pupils. Not only that, I also feel that the pupils themselves can learn a lot from this particular ICT tool. I believe that this ICT tool will make lessons to be very exciting for the pupils.

5. Is it friendly?

Well, I would say Kerpoof Studio was very friendly towards me. I did not face any problem when I was dealing with it unlike other ICT tools. Even though, there isn’t any guide for the new users but I believe we don’t need one because everything is very direct and it is not complicated at all. I would say this ICT tool will be very useful for teachers and also students.

6. Which standard is this tool suitable for?

I think this tool is suitable for the lower primary kids (Year 1 to year 3) pupils. This is because the activities in Kerpoof are more suitable for them compared to the upper primary kids.

7. Advantages of KERPOOF STUDIO!!!

a) user friendly

b) fun

c) many creative activities

d) interactive

e) colourful

f) exciting activities

As a whole, I would say that I am in love with Kerpoof Studio because it is simply easy to deal with and we can do many activities using this ICT tool. I hope I will be able to use this tool to create interesting lessons for my pupils in the future. That’s all for now and see you all again in the next post (week 5). Enjoy your holidays and Happy Chinese New Year my dear friends and Miss Ng.

  1. sitinurasmah says:

    I love reading your review! Well done, my friend!
    Kerpoof got many features which are undoubtedly useful and beneficial for both teachers and students. I think, I may consider using this tool in my teaching in the future!
    Anyway, good job, Priyaah!

    • priyaahriya says:

      Thank you so much for dropping by dear. Well, I love to read your blog too..:) Yes, as you said Kerpoof is simply superb and I am sure it will be very helpful for us in the future. Good luck dear. 🙂

  2. dohc123 says:

    Hi Priya 🙂 It was all well-explained in your blog here. I agree with you. Kerpoof will make lessons more interactive, fun, efficient and above all, smoother. Furthermore, it has LESSON PLANS. Thinking back, my teaching practice portfolio could have been less of a headache of I had found this site earlier 😉

  3. hueyzher says:

    Hi Priya, a very complete review that covers all aspects! Now, since the issue for this software is internet line, how do you plan to overcome that obstacle (assuming the teacher insist on using some of the tools) ?

    • priyaahriya says:

      Hai Miss Ng, thank you so much for dropping by. Well, I think what the teacher can do is that may be print screen the pictures and the stories created into a power point presentation. I think the teacher can also prepare the activities for the lesson using the tools from Kerpoof at home and present the activities in the classroom. (activities which does not requires the teacher to use internet in the school).

  4. Caryn says:

    Wow, after reading your review, I have changed my mind about Kerpoof. It’s really unique tool and I’m convinced that it’s suitable for the learners 😀 Great Job!

  5. sakiladevi says:

    Hi dear…now I am double convinced in using Kerpoof and thanks for the thorough review.

  6. priyaahriya says:

    No prob dear. Hope you enjoyed reading my post. 🙂

  7. hueyzher says:

    Your entry did make an impact on your readers (judging from your friends’ feedback). Great job also on maintaining the flow of the feedback!

  8. priyaahriya says:

    Thank you Miss Ng. It’s all with your guidance too. 🙂

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